Yahoo Android-based Phone launch in Japan

Yahoo Android-based Phone launch in Japan

Yahoo Japan, which apparently is the largest Website in Japan, and one of the largest online assets of Yahoo has recently announced a new smartphone for the market. This is an Android powered device which is a rebranded version of a Sharp manufactured smartphone.

Yahoo Japan has partnered with mobile carrier SoftBank who would be shipping the Yahoo Phone sometime in the end of September. The device is originally the Sharp AQUOS PHONE THE PREMIUM SoftBank 009SH however, it comes with some additional Yahoo integration.

The phone will be bundled with Yahoo services like Yahoo Japan Home, Yahoo Loco, Yahoo Japan Auctions, etc. and will also include the preloaded Android applications. All those who would purchase the phone will get two year of free Yahoo Japan premium membership.

In regards to the specifications, it runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a 4-inch qHD display, an 8 megapixel camera, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, digital TV tuner, e-wallet functionality, infrared communication and a micro SDHC card slot.

We are quite sure that the phone is going to stay exclusive to the Japanese market, however if it shows up elsewhere you will hear it from us.


Full Specifications Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

Specifications Blackberry 7 OS

RIM company has introduced BlackBerry OS 7 for BlackBerry ® Bold ™ family of BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. In accordance with a given, this smart phone comes with a capacitive touch screen size 2.8-inch VGA TFT display with a QWERTY keyboard with thickness 10.5 mm

Please see the demo and Touch BlackBerry Bold 9900 specifications below


Tablet Lenovo LePad A1-07 released in china

Tablet Lenovo LePad A1-07 released in china
Lenovo has released a tablet LePad A1-07 has a specification of a 7 inch screen resolution 1024 x 600 pixels. Lenovo LePad using Qualcomm's 1 GHz plus 512 MB of RAM and 16 GB of memory, coupled micro-USB port and micro SD slot-backed Android operating system 2.3. 

Tablet LePad A1-07 can access the internet via Wi-Fi wireless technology, and users can perform video conferencing, internal battery with a capacity of 3500 mAh. available colors include black, blue, white and pink. A1-07 LePad tablets selling for about $ 390, but these new tablets will be sold next summer at the state china only. 

Not yet known exactly when Lenovo LePad will be launched on the European and American markets.


Foxconn releases Android phones cheapest high end

Facebook will add Skype video chat
Price android phone supersmartphone classes ranging from $ 550. But the telecommunications industry Foxconn will release a product called Xiaomi Phone Android-based with prices ranging from $ 305 . The fact is certainly damaging the selling price for super smartphone.

Specifications Xiaomi Phone announced by Foxconn whom this phone using the operating system Gingerbread, OS version that has been used on phones like HTC or Samsung Galaxy SII Sensation. Phone Xiaomi highest highest computing speed processor for mobile class 1.5 GHz dual core processor and Qualcomm's homemade artificial Adreno graphics.

Memory 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of RAM (plus micro SD up to 32 GB, 8 MP camera equivalent to the Galaxy SII with a screen size of 4 Inc, 1930 mAh battery capacity is greater than the HTC Sensation.

No wonder Xiaomi Phone will be a concern and potentially damaging smarrphone android market that has not been friendly with the people of middle-class economy.

Facebook will add Skype video chat

Facebook will add Skype video chat
Facebook adds Skype video chat to your pages in order to spice up the appeal of the world's No. 1 Internet service for social networks, while defending the increasing competition from Google.

The agreement, announced by chief executive Mark Zuckerberg Facebook in Palo Alto company, California, headquarters on Wednesday, deepening the cooperation of the company Microsoft Corp, which is in the process of buying Skype.

Microsoft has 1.6 percent of Facebook and has announced its U.S. $ 8.5 billion purchase of Skype in May.

Zuckerberg said Facebook has reached a record 750 million users. The new service, which will arrive on Wednesday, could be a big boost for Skype, which currently has around 145 million regular users.

Facebook Skype service, initially limited one to a video chat is free. Financial details of the agreement, if any, were not disclosed.

Skype CEO of Tony Bates said Wednesday's agreement with Facebook was just the beginning of a potentially lucrative partnership.

"For us, this makes perfect business sense," Bates said in the case of Palo Alto. "We have tremendous scope. In the future, we are talking also eventually have paid Skype products available in Web format that we saw here today."

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Neil Stevens, the general manager of Skype's consumer business, said the company was planning to introduce a payment service that allows Facebook users to make calls to landlines and mobiles.

Stevens said he could not give a timeframe for this service is available, and said details on whether the service would work with Facebook called currency loans had not yet been resolved.

Facebook also unveiled a group messaging feature, adding to its already existing text chat is to return the fire of Google, which last week presented the heat of competition by introducing a network service Google + social call.

While many of the features of Google + 's social networking are similar to those already available in Facebook, Google is generating interest with its role as videoconferencing, which allows up to 10 people in the service to participate in a video call .

Zuckerberg hinted that the video chat several people could eventually be available in Facebook, but said that most video chats today occur between two people.

"We think this is awesome, because we are using the best technology out there to video chat with the best social infrastructure that is out there to create some really cool new scenarios," said Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg said the ads on Wednesday were the first of several that come in what he described as "the launch of the 2011 season."